About Us


After Party Flats was founded in 2009 to solve a very simple problem that every woman knows.

Heels hurt!

Those sexy stilettos are great when you’re out on the town, but your poor feet can only take so much before you have to come back down to Earth. So what can you do? Carry around a spare pair of sneakers all night? Walk down the street barefoot?

You need our Emergency Flats!

After Party Flats are affordable and portable. Now you can easily carry your favorite comfy shoes with you throughout the evening. They fold down to the size of a cell phone, so you can keep them in your purse. Out of sight and out of mind, and you’ll be so happy when you need them.

We don’t skimp on style and comfort, either. With a range of colors to suit any look and all the comfort of your favorite pair of slippers, you might just want to wear them all night!

After Party Flats are an essential piece of kit for any girl who loves a night out on the town. Don’t let sore feet ruin a perfect evening.Once you’re in the cab home, or if you just can’t handle those crazy heels anymore, blissful comfort is ready and waiting.

Help the night last a little longer – After Party Flats to Save Your Sole!